Residential moving options

We will provide you fast and affordable residential moving services. We specialize in residential moving services and ensure that your belongings are moved to your final destinations quickly and efficiently. We provide an affordable and customized solution for your residential moves. We create a unique plan for you in order to address your specific needs. Our residential movers provide household moving services to homeowners across different states of the country. Our moving team is always ready to provide the best service to the customers.

We provide both local and national moving services. We have a local branch in the 39 states where we provide service. We provide the following services:


Professional packingWe do all the packing for you. We use high quality packing materials and cushioning to perform the task. Our packing process varies depending on the type of item. We handle fragile items and electronics with care.

Loading and unloading

Loading and unloadingWe have the necessary tools to move your furniture and other large items from home into the van or truck. We unload the items using the same procedure. We handle each of your items with care.

Storage services

Storage solutions

We provide safe and secured storage services. As moving from one state to another takes time, we have the option to store your items in an in-transit storage facility. In case, you decide to move to your new house after some days, our storage service will provide you with large storage facility as well.


National Movers is committed to providing excellent moving services. Our decades of experience have provided us with the resources and capabilities needed to give a better customer experience. We constantly audit ourselves to ensure that we meet the quality standards in every step of our process.

We have an office in 37 states of the country where we provide service. All our branches are connected by our operational system. This ensures that we have visibility of all our moves and thus we can co-load your items to a vehicle already used by another customer. This sharing of service will save a lot of money. We can respond well to changes in circumstances. As your items will be moved from one state to another, anything can happen during this long journey. We are fully insured, so you know that your items will be safe.

We provide storage facilities so that you can store your items close to your new home. Our storage facilities are safe and secured; so you won’t have to worry about losing your items. At National Movers, we provide training to our moving teams in formal packing and handling. The training is organized regularly in order to refresh their skills.

Once you decide to move with us, our coordinator will visit you and assess all your relocation needs. They will work with you to determine the best moving solution for your residential or commercial moving. We will explain our different packing options, custom crating services, storage options, large item moving, etc. We will also determine the assembly and diassembly services. We will help you to choose the services you need. You can rely on us for all your moving services. Contact us today!


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Our services are insured.

This ensures protection of your items. Our residential movers are always standing by to help you. So, call us today!